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CHicago Gifted Community Center

Learning Opportunities for Gifted Youth Co-op 

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COVID-19 precautions for in-person classes:

Masks must be worn at all times
If any family member shows any symptoms of COVID-19, the entire family must stay away for 2 weeks, or may return after 3 days with a negative test
Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must stay away for 2 weeks
Social distancing will be strictly enforced

Temperatures will be taken before entering the building
Supplies, toys, etc. may not be shared between students
Hands must be washed before and after each class
Students who are unable to comply with mask and distancing directions will be asked to leave their class for the day; repeated behavior may result in being asked to leave that class for the session.
While we hope that this doesn't happen, in the event of a COVID-19 surge, or if the State of Illinois moves down to a lower Restore Phase, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel in-person classes and/or move them online for the duration of the session


In fairness to our teachers and fellow students, exemplary attendance is expected.  If a student must be absent, you will need to inform us at by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of your class. If an absence is planned in advance, teachers should be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

Changing classes:

Classes cannot be changed or added once registration has closed. Please be sure that you sign up for the classes you want to take! If you decide to drop a class, in respect to the teacher, the Teacher’s Assistant, and classmates, you need to inform ASAP.


Payment and refunds:

Payment must be made at the time of registration so that teachers can purchase supplies for the class. If payment is not received in a timely manner, then your child may not be permitted to attend classes this term. All class fees are nonrefundable, as long as a class runs; this includes fees for dropped classes.  If a class does not run, all monies will be refunded.


Student behavior:

Good student behavior is essential for providing a healthy, nurturing environment. At the same time, we understand that many gifted children have extra challenges, and we will strive to work with the parents to help these children grow and succeed. Disciplinary problems can be reported by teachers, fellow students, or parents; they should be reported to the Board either in person, via phone, or via email at

Expectations of students:

It is expected that all students will be respectful to their teachers, classmates and other parents as well as the church staff.  Students may not run in the halls and must keep their voices down while moving between classrooms.  If a student is disruptive during a class, the teachers are empowered to ask the child to sit out with his/her parent for the remainder of that day’s class. If a student is repeatedly disruptive/disrespectful, they may not be allowed to complete the current course, in which case they will need to spend that class time sitting outside of class with their parent. Further possible consequences include being asked to leave Co-op mid-session, no fees refunded, and also not being allowed to enroll for subsequent sessions. We recognize that homeschooling gifted children is difficult, and we want to give families of gifted children as much support as possible. At the same time, we also recognize that consistent disruptions undermine the learning experience of all the students. In order for LOGYC to function successfully, we all must work to protect the community learning experience.


Expectations of parents:

LOGYC is not a drop-off; LOGYC is a co-op, and we can’t do it without you! Parents are expected to remain on-site each Friday and to pitch in either as teachers (if you aren’t comfortable teaching, no problem – we need lots of other help too!), Teacher’s Assistants, helping with cleaning up, etc. If you are going to be absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to find a substitute for your job[s]. High-school age students may attend classes without an on-site parent, and their family's assigned job[s] can be fulfilled by either a parent or the teenage student. Families who do not fulfill their job assignment[s] may not be allowed to return for future sessions of Co-op. During online classes, parents are expected to be near to and aware of their students to help them be focused and engaged.

Open Door policy:

If a teacher leaves the classroom during class, and the students are under 14, then two adults need to be present with the door open until the teacher returns. 


Disciplinary Process:

Each parent should feel empowered to address behavior issues when they are observed. Students need to listen to a parent if addressed regarding a behavior issue, whether it is his or her own parent or another co-op parent. If you witness student behavior in the hallway or lunchroom that you feel is a problem, or your student has an interpersonal issue with another student that you feel is a problem, your first step should be to discuss the issue directly with the student and his or her parent. However, most commonplace disciplinary issues are managed by the teacher and teaching assistant in the classroom.

If a behavioral event or a pattern of behaviors becomes a concern to a teacher or teaching assistant, then he or she will:

  1. Talk to the student to discuss what is happening. Listen to the student. Be very clear about boundaries. Be very specific.
  2. Informally communicate with all parents involved about the issue.

If another behavior event occurs or the pattern of behavior continues, the teacher or teaching assistant will:

1. Communicate with the Organizing Committee, by completing, signing and submitting a hard copy incident report.

2. The Organizing Committee and the teacher will work together before the next co-op class day to plan a formal communication with the student’s parents, for the purpose of notifying the parent(s) of the continuing problem, getting help from the parent(s), and requiring the parent(s) to sit in the classroom with the student until further notice.

3. Teachers may assign seats if necessary to deal with behavior issues in their classroom.

4. Teachers may also ask a student that is being disruptive to sit in the hall with either the student’s parent, or if not available, any available parent.

5. The Organizing Committee members will check in with other teachers to determine if this behavior is also occurring in other classes.

6. At this time, the Organizing Committee, the parents, and the student may work together to create a Disciplinary Plan: Individual Behavior Process, to address behavioral issues.

If a behavioral event or pattern of behaviors becomes too disruptive or dangerous for teachers, students or other participants, the student may be suspended or expelled from LOGYCo-op. The process for suspension or expulsion is:

1. The Organizing Committee will communicate with teachers to gather information about the event(s) or incident(s).

2. Conference between teacher in whose class the incident occurred, and Organizing Committee members.

3. Communication with other teachers and witnesses, if applicable.

4. Communication with student and family, with invitation to a formal conference to provide an opportunity for the student to be heard.

5. After all pertinent information is gathered and considered, Organizing Committee members will recommend a disciplinary action.

6. If recommended disciplinary action is suspension or expulsion, a notice of such, by phone call and written notice, will be sent to the family within 24 hours. It must include a description of the conduct upon which the disciplinary action is based.

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