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Kids Climate Summit 2022:

Make Some Noise!

Kids Climate Summit 2022: Make Some Noise!

While we were unable to host a Kids Climate Summit for 2022, the community still was able to MAKE SOME NOISE! We are excited to present the submissions to the Climate Change NOISE Challenges. Please enjoy these amazing works and we hope they inspire you to learn more about the climate.

There are 6 pages of submissions to be viewed:

Page 1 - Alaina M., Roycemore Roots and Shoots Club, Linden P., Andrew M., Linda Wallin, Claire Bermaum, Mariana M., Inika

Page 2 - Lyra R., Amelia R., Emilie B.

Page 3 - Anika Chandola, Laxmiprasad, Anika B.

Page 4 - Srinrsimha Katakam, Anisha K.

Page 5 - Nora Berbaum, Kalyan

Page 6 - Celsey O'hare, Brynne O'hare


A Day in the Woods by Alaina M.

Roycemore Speaks Out About Climate Change

by the Roycemore Middle School Roots and Shoots Club

Inika, Sojo Fitz-Green, Juliette Hopman, Anisha Mueller, Lyra Rivera, Alexandra Ryskin, Phoenix Sherwin

by Linden P.

with inspiration from these images 

 by Andrew M.

To The Children of Climate Change

Everything is connected.

Ice drops its salt at the poles

where currents pick it up

and carry it around the world.

Trees in tropical rainforests

exhale oxygen, trap carbon

in their bodies.

Water in the Great Lakes

flows toward the sea,

dropping rain and snow

over land nearby.

It all seems so overwhelming

but remember this:

People are as complex as the problem.

Don’t get distracted.

Choose one thing.

A door will open.

by Linda Wallin

Inspired by the children in this project.

Climate Change

It is important to stop gasses as much as anything if you are focused on stopping climate change. Gas emissions are very bad for the environment.  To help stop creating gasses, you can try not using your car a lot. It causes pollution, which is a terrible gas. Another thing you can do is to compost your trash, because otherwise, the un-composted food will create methane gas, the worst gas that I know of. Growing your own food is also a great method to stop gasses. And there is something I want you to know; plants take in carbon dioxide. You can create a garden to grow plants that will take in more carbon dioxide, and that gets rid of some carbon dioxide, so it helps climate change.

Climate  will destroy ouplanet if we don’t stop it.

by Claire Berbaum

What does climate change mean to me? Climate change means a lot of things. It means injustice, watching our future being taken away before our eyes. It is a story beginning to unfold, with a climax and hopefully, a resolution. It is a glimpse of our future if we do not act now. Climate change is a problem, but out of every problem comes an opportunity to fix something. As Sun Tzu once said, “Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.” Just like a baby taking its first steps, humanity shall take its first steps to fix our mistakes. If humanity can come together to fight climate change, future generations will have access to everything we are so fortunate to have today. Climate change makes me unsure about our future, but if we can come together, we can change the world. Although world leaders are coming together to fight this, it is not only in their power to make a difference. It is our duty, as humans, to continue to fight instead of sitting still. Instead of watching the seeds of despair being planted, let us plant the seeds of hope. This is our one chance, one opportunity to change course. To me, climate change means a lot of things. But most importantly, climate change means that humanity stands for what is right as we have hundreds of times in history. Climate change is another problem we are being thrown, and we can face it. Humanity can face it together.

by Mariana M. 

by Inika


Climate Change Bibliography


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