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Kids Climate Summit 2022:

Make Some Noise!

Kids Climate Summit 2022: Make Some Noise!

The Kids Climate Summit 2022 is an opportunity for students aged 8 - 14 to engage with and learn about our global climate, this year with a focus communicating their concerns regarding the climate, thus MAKE SOME NOISE!

Thank you to all the fabulous experts, student panelist and volunteers who made the 2021 Kids Climate Summit a huge success.  Video 

See mention in Northern Public Radio article'There isn’t enough being done by those in power': how Illinois students confront environmental issues with help from teachers.

Kids Climate Summit 2022 will focus on making some noise about the climate! Our fall activities are all about giving kids of all ages an opportunity to learn about what is causing climate change and to express their thoughts,  feelings and perspectives on the climate crisis. 


Let's learn the Science of Climate Change starting with greenhouse gases. 

See the Educational Resources section for more excellent learning tools, websites, curricula. Link

Kids in third through eighth grade submitted logo designs

Students interested in honing their writing skills can attended Writing About the Climate classed 


Get a group Organized to participate in climate-related activities. Join a CGCC arranged field trip or webinar or organize your own.  

Adults and older children are invited to attend CGCC's Illinois Climate Action Workshop. Learn what municipalities are doing and what you can do to help. Ask your questions and become empowered! Learn more here. 

Students of all ages are invited to join our Climate Writing Challenge . Prose, poetry, fiction, essay, plays are all forms students may choose to express themselves! Will your child be published in the 2022 Kids Making Noise About the Climate final project? Submissions are due January 8, 2022.  Learn more here.


Network!  Time to connect with your friends, identify a "climate" purpose and act! Create, join or act alone if you prefer, but start thinking about ways you can add to the compelling conversation on the climate crisis! Questions, ideas--feel free to contact us; we can help you find a group or a mentor. 

Students of all ages are invited to express themselves in a visual art form of their choice in our Climate Art Challenge. Submissions are due January 8, 2022. Learn more here.


Decide how your group or team will contribute to the Kids Climate Summit 2022.       

Students of all ages are invited to submit alternate media works, including video or film, sound recordings, musical pieces expressing their feelings about our climate situation. Submissions are due January 8, 2022. Learn more here.




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