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CHicago Gifted Community Center

Learning Opportunities for Gifted Youth Co-op 

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What is LOGYC?
Learning Opportunities for Gifted Youth Co-op (LOGYC) offers classes and common space for gifted children and their families to meet and learn together in the Chicago area. We usually organize two sessions per year, meeting on Fridays: A Fall and a Spring session.

Why should I join LOGYC?
This is a truly unique community, both for the students and for the parents. Having the opportunity to be in a safe space to be gifted and to connect with peers is priceless for our kids. It is also wonderful to connect with parents of gifted kids, and to realize that we share many of the same challenges.

Do participants need IQ or achievement test scores to participate?
No test scores are needed. Giftedness is not necessarily high achieving. Neither is it necessarily high IQ. Please read some of the information on giftedness on the website and explore the links. If you feel your child would benefit from LOGYC, you are welcome to register and participate. 

Who runs LOGYC?
The families that attend run the Co-op collectively, with the help of the LOGYC Organizing Committee. There are a variety of ways parents can contribute to the success of the Co-op. As a co-operative, we work together to do everything that needs to be done. Each family can volunteer or be assigned a needed role or responsibility. If a role or responsibility is one requiring presence during the Co-op day, that person is responsible for finding a sub for his or her job[s] if needed (i.e. if out of town, ill child, etc.). Teenagers age 14 and above can also be assigned jobs. Parents also recruit teachers with areas of expertise that aren't covered by members of the Co-op.

Do parents have to stay on-site?
All students under 14 must have a parent or responsible guardian present whenever they are on the premises. High-school aged students may attend independently, as long as a parent or guardian is available by phone in case of emergency.

Do we have to be full-time homeschoolers?

No! Some of our families attend traditional schools M-Th and co-op classes on Fridays.

What is “Co-op Registration?”
In order to register for classes, your family provides contact information and pays a non-refundable registration fee which goes towards space rental, operating expenses, and insurance for one, 10-week session. Families also sign the Code of Conduct and other paperwork at this time. Registration, paperwork, and payment of the family fee is done electronically.

How do I pay for the Co-op membership fee and for classes?
We use PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay. We accept credit card and debit card payments via PayPal. We can also accept checks.

Speaking of refunds...?
If every class that you register for is full or canceled, then your registration fee will be refunded. All class fees for classes that run are non-refundable.

I need a teacher to make a change or exception for my child/family. How do I do this?
All exceptions and changes must be requested by sending an email to The only exception to this is age, which may be discussed directly with teachers. You are encouraged to contact a teacher to ask questions about his or her class in order to see if it will be appropriate for your child before registration.

What is your policy on nursing mothers?
As per the Illinois Right to Breastfeed Act, mothers are welcome to nurse their children at Co-op however and wherever they wish.

Is the Co-op a nut-free space?
Allergies are declared upon registration. If at least one individual attending Co-op during a given session has nut allergies, nuts will be prohibited for that entire session.

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The Chicago Gifted Community Center (CGCC) is a member-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents to support the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children and their families. 

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We  are an all volunteer-based organization that relies on annual memberships from parents, professionals, and supporters to provide organizers with web site operations, a registration system, event insurance, background checks, etc. 

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