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CGCC - Parent Conversation: Gifted Sensitivity

  • April 24, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Zoom
  • 4



Parent Conversations:  Gifted Sensitivity

Gifted children can be very sensitive.  Some parents may say this is an understatement, and especially those with twice-exceptional kiddos!  One of the hallmarks of some gifted children is heightened sensitivity.  This can play out in many ways; intense emotions, aversion to bright lights, loud or bothersome sounds, irritating tags in clothes, seams in socks or fabrics a child may find itchy or irritating.  Gifted children can be quick to react to sensory stimulation, even things that may not bother many other people.  Sensitive children can have a depth of empathy that can sometimes be overwhelming.  How can we help a sensitive child regulate?  What can we do to help a child integrate into places that are over-arousing?  How can we "see" their sensitive struggles and sooth a distraught child in a world that is insensitive to their need for calm and order?  Following are a few resources to explore for our discussion.  Please join us! 

"Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children", Davidson Institute; 

"Understanding Emotional Sensitivity in Gifted Children" Psychology Today; 

"Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child; Neurodivergent Insights",,%2C%20physical%2C%20and%20social%20sensitivity. 

This book is from researcher Elaine Aron, Ph.D. who coined the term "highly sensitive person": 

We aspire to welcome everyone and safely address gifted topics that are accessible and relevant to busy parents.  Join us to listen, participate, collect resources, share ideas and create community that supports and understands gifted parenting. Topic suggestions welcome and will change each session, and resources may be provided to inform and fuel the conversation.  It's OK if you don't have time to read resources, just join us for inspiring conversation with other gifted parents and Katherine Peterson, parent, CGCC Board Member / Facilitator.   Other CGCC Board Members and CGCC Professional Members may join as they are able.  Please feel free to reach out to Katherine Peterson,  with questions, ideas or to share your comments.  

Please note:  Due to the popularity of these discussions there is a $5 charge for non-members.  Consider joining as a member for a $25 annual fee to attend all member events for FREE, or please ask for a sliding scale.  We are open to all requests.

We cap this group at 10 participants, so please sign up to save your place, and cancel if you're unable to attend so others on the waiting list may enjoy this offering.  

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