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LOGYC Fall '17 - Drawing (6-12+, adults)

  • September 08, 2017
  • 9:30 AM - 10:40 AM
  • Central Skokie
  • 2


Registration is closed

We are going to start the drawing class with short timed, pure contour drawing to bypass your symbol system in the mind. 

This method of training using short drawing exercises is most effective for all students including adults. It's looking only at the object and not at your drawing. Pure contour drawing produces the deepest shift, the farthest journey into the Right-Mode subjective state. 

Next step is Modified contour drawing, entering into the importance of composition. Modified contour drawing gives you the chance to do quick glances at your composition and the development of relationships sizes, lengths, angles etc.

A character or objects and shapes will be drawn step by step and placed on a horizon line. In this lesson I will incorporate some perspective with foreground, medium Ground, and background showing distance and depth. Perspective is the theory of drawing which enables us to depict a three dimensional objects, or space, on a two dimensional surface. The perspective concept of space assumes that everything within a given picture is viewed by a single eye and from a fixed non-moving position. The basic principle of linear perspective is that objects appear to diminish and converge as they recede into distance.

If a child can't focus on a certain class day, I will provide Legos for the child to work with quietly.

Please Visit my website @

Teacher: Mio Brown Street

Minimum/maximum number of students: 4/10

Age range: all ages; adults welcome

Price: $123

Supplies required:

*2 pencils 1 H2 and HB softer graphite.

*1 sharpener.

*1 clear bag with zipper to hold the sharpener and the shavings.

* 1 eraser

*1 package of colored pencils 12 set.

*1 folder with the students name at the top left.

* 1 Package of 8.5 x 11.5 copy paper.

Mio Brown Street has a degree from The College of Du Page for Commercial Art , Design and Illustration, where shemaintained a 4.0 average grade. She teaches art at the Community College of Lake County, Adlai Stevenson High School, Montessori School and privately.


Family must register for LOGYC Coop in order to sign up for classes.

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