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What does gifted mean?

September 11, 2014 10:49 AM | Anonymous

Maybe you’ve identified your child as gifted. Maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you are wondering why your smart kid seems to be having so many behavioral issues and home and at school.   

You are not alone.  

You may be experiencing that giftedness is about way more than advanced intellectual capacity.  In fact, intellectual abilities are only one of five of the “overexcitabilities” of giftedness identified by Kazimierz Dabrowski.  Gifted children can also experience the abundant energy of psychomotor excitability, or the depth of feelings of an emotional overexcitability. Gifted children with sensual overexcitabilities can be more easily swayed by the beauty in music, or be very bothered by the irrepressibly itchy tags on their shirts.  Finally, gifted children can have an abundance of imaginational ability demonstrated through interests in fantasy worlds.

These wonderful children come in unique and complex packages that requires parents to develop a strategic parenting toolkit.  These skills can range from soothing meltdowns or advocating for appropriate curriculum in school.  How do you as a parent meet these needs?

Come join us for a roundtable discussion, “A Herd of Buffalo Could Raise a Gifted Child.”  This free CGCC Parenting Gifted Seminar is led by Newenka DuMont, who has  over 18 years of experience in advocating for gifted children. 


Come find yourself amongst the herd of fellow buffalo bravely raising gifted children.

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