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Mission and Approach


The mission of the Chicago Gifted Community Center is to facilitate educational and emotional support for gifted children and their families. More specifically, we strive to be the hand that gifted children and their families reach out to for a sense of belonging and much needed support.  We embrace the difference here . . . the extraordinary.  If you're reading this with a sense of longing for community for your quirky child (and yourself) then you'll probably fit in just fine here!


Simply put, we at CGCC aim to facilitate communication and connectedness within the greater gifted community - for parents and children alike. We expect to be a dynamic, ever-changing organization in terms of our support offerings to families of gifted children.  Our member-driven community will evolve continually into what its families need in terms of support and events.


Initially we anticipate that this will include being a hub for sharing extracurricular opportunities, summer programs, competitions, discussion groups, topical speakers, mentor opportunities and casual hangouts with true peers for family members of all ages.  We envision facilitating opportunities for all gifted children within this community, whether they attend public or private school, including gifted & talented, parochial and home-based private schools.



Area Served


Because Chicago and its surrounding suburban areas are so large, it is difficult to organize events for gifted children and families that everyone in our region can attend easily.  An event might sound great to you, but if it is 50 miles away, or getting there or home will trap you in rush hour traffic, then you're not likely to go.  It's a problem we've all encountered.  To solve this, CGCC tries to hold events in different regions:


  • North Suburban
  • City of Chicago
  • West Suburban
  • South Suburban




Each region is facilitated by a Regional Coordinator who also is a member of the Board of Directors.  Since each Regional Coordinator lives within their own region, they are ideally suited to assist families and organizations in setting up events as desired.  These geographic divisions are for ease of planning only.  There inevitably will be overlap in the areas that interest you and all members are welcome to attend events in any region. We are here to serve everyone in the family:  little ones, tweens, teens and parents too.



What We Might Do Here


We aim to help our children to attain their unique potentials in all areas of their lives.


While we're all gifted here, we're all so unique in our gifts and passions -- we aim to be a place where all gifteds feel welcome.  A place to create community . . . to facilitate social opportunities . . . chances to find true peers and smart people with whom to do interesting and stimulating things.  And this will change over time for some of us, which makes the large and dynamic aspects of the group truly unique.


We aim to give kids lots of chances to find each other and to make friends. Everyone deserves at least one friend who truly gets them, one who perhaps has the same passions, one who understands the fun of going deeply into a subject. The founders of CGCC are passionate about facilitating families connecting through activities and events so that gifted kids can find their true peers.


You may have noticed that you don't necessarily decide to become friends with someone the first time you meet them. This is as true for kids as it is for adults. It can take a number of "exposures" to someone to get to know them and to start to figure out:  Is this a good match?  Are we good company?  It especially can be difficult to make friends when so many enrichment activities are one-offs or are situations that just aren't conducive to making friends. We aim to do the opposite.  We aim to set up as many on-going, easy, social and academic events as possible to give kids repeated chances to get to know each other in a normal, casual way.




Benefits for Our Community in General

  • Public blog providing information on giftedness to educate the public at large
  • Private member portions of our website with discussion boards and a database for facilitating connections among families with gifted children
  • Speakers on topics related to gifted children such as asynchrony, intensity and difficulty in finding fit


Benefits for Our Children


We aim to provide information and resources that support gifted children's social, emotional and academic needs.  This might include, but certainly isn't limited to:

  • Child support programs and activities such as discussion groups or events of interest to gifted children
  • Educational field trips to museums, planetariums, zoos, arboretums, forest preserves, local businesses, FermiLab, government centers, etc.
  • Social time playing games, skating, bowling, scavenger hunts, creating art, building  or just plain hanging out
  • Special interest classes before, during or after school hours or in the summer
  • Facilitating mentor connections between adult experts and special needs gifted children


Benefits for Us Weary Parents

  • Create opportunities for gifted children and their families to create self-help and self-support networks
  • Parent support programs and activities such as discussion groups or book series relating to raising gifted children
  • Topical speakers and workshops about giftedness, intensities, exceptionalities and advocacy
  • Lunch with an Expert Series


Join us and help create the community you long for now!


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